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1. Maria's Italian-American Deli

22620 Lyons Avenue, Santa Clarita, CA 91321    Phone: (661) 259-6261

Another Italian Deli that greats your nose as you open the door. People have raved about the pizza but I love their sandwiches. The Godfather with breaded veal, artichokes, mushrooms, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and onions is as good as it sounds and the Italian Beef with cheese, peppers, onions, and Giardiniera with an ajus gravy will more than satisfy you. The eggplant parmesan reminds me of my childhood, and I had an Italian grandmother, so it was good delicious childhood. The sandwiches are huge so there is no shame ordering the "small." A small sandwich and a side order will still be under $10. Ok receipts and the lot across the street from the new Library could park a few 5 tons. Great spot if you're going to Saugus or Santa Clarita.  


2. Taco Llama

24374 Main Street, Santa Clarita, CA 91321    Phone: (661) 255-7035

The tacos are great. The Mexican Cubano sandwich should be outlawed. Torta bread smeared with refried beans, a piece of ham, pork adobo, a fried pork cutlet, Mexican cheese and pickles. It's $7 of pure heaven on a plate. Parking in the lot behind, under $12 but last time the receipts were hand written. 


3. Egg Plantation

24415 Walnut Street, Santa Clarita, CA 91321    Phone: (661) 255-8222

Possibly the best waffles ever. I don't usually order waffles but now it's all I order if I'm here. They have omelettes. Order the waffles. They have pancakes and French toast. Order the waffles. The even have really good huevos rancheros. But order the waffles. I have personally never been here for lunch and if I did I would likely order the waffles. Parking available early in the AM, under $12 and good receipts. And order the waffles.


4. Corner Kebab

733 South Workman Street, San Fernando, CA 91340    Phone: (818) 898-3333

I have finally made a return visit to Corner Kabob and can say with out a doubt it's a place I would highly recommend. It’s easy to stay under the cap with their lunch specials, and if you want to go a few bucks over, the lule combo is delicious and the Salmon kabob is perfectly seasoned and cooked. Don’t be surprised if they bring out a taste of soup or some other lagniappe, it’s that kind of place. And now that ZGO4 is becoming a shopping destination, this spot, along with the newly added House of Grill and El Huarache Veloz, might be more on the rotation. Great food, huge lot, good receipts. 


5. House of Grill

16263 San Fernando Mission Blvd, Granada Hills, CA 91344     Phone:  (818) 368-1900

My knowledge of Filipino food is limited to a few friends mother's dishes and this is what the House of Grill tastes like; home cooked food of love. The pancit brought back fond memories and the pork sig-sig is now on my list of "Why pork is awesome!" The perfect mix of crunchy skin and tender meat with a little heat. And the bistek has a tangy note that sends it over the top. VERY cheap eats and it's easy to over order and over do it, so watch out! Big parking lot in front and good receipts. The 4-stars is only because I need a few more visits to confirm my opinion. 


6. El Huarache Veloz

11661 Glenoaks Blvd, Pacoima, CA 91331      Phone: (818) 834-9775

Can I base a review on one visit? Yes. Especially when the one visit was this darn good. No way I would have found this place if it wasn’t for my Pacoima Native 399 Brother (you know who you are…) and I would have no idea what I was missing. The Huarache, sandal, is a bean filled tortilla fried to order and topped with your choice of meat, Asada thank you very much, and an incredibly flavorful chili verde. It’s so affordable I thought it was a good idea to try one of their Carnitas tacos…Come hungry.  Since we don’t come out here too often, (ZG04, ISS is a stretch) I can’t promise I will make my way around the menu, because ever since I had it I’ve been craving that Huarache! Street Parking, good receipts. Based on the Pacoima Location only.


7. Las Delicias Classica Taqueria

26515 Golden Valley Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350     Phone: (661) 290-2625

Sometimes in our travels we venture all the way to Santa Clarita and when you're fortunate to be traveling with a "local" like my Lunch Buddy Justin, and he knows your aversion to chain food, recommendations like this can come your way. While this is based my one trip, where I had an awesome 3 taco combo served with rice and a helping of some stellar pinto beans, it is also based on his numerous visits. Great parking in the big mall parking lot, good receipts, and very affordable.